When Dhoni was 10 years old boy

MS Dhoni in his village at Lawali, Almora ,Uttarakhand.

Lawali, (Almora): The two-room house looks like any other village house of Uttarakhand Himalayas. Slate stones on the roof, a coat of lime on the wall, doors/windows painted with sky blue coloured enamel and clothes casually hanging on a jute chord outside the house. But, wait! The house (See Photo) located in a remote village in the Kumaon hil
ls of Uttarakhand state is a special one. 

This is the ancestral home of one of India's most popular cricketers, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. MSD's village in district Almora is presently accessible only on foot. The nearest road head to village Lawali is Jainti, which is 4 kms away. Though electricity has reached the village, but all weather roads, medical facilities and telephone lines are yet to become available. There is no playfield in the village. Children either play cricket in small spaces in front of their houses or in agriculture fields, after the harvest is over. India's captain last came here in 2003. 

Lawali village is home to 35 families, with an approximate population of about 300-350. 

How to reach Mahi's village!
Jainti, the nearest road head to village Lawali, is located some 75 kms from Almora. Regular bus and jeep is available from Almora to Jainti. After that one has to walk 3 kms on foot. It normally takes 1 to 2 hours to reach MSD's village.

Photo: The ancestral home of India's ODI Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Lawali (Almora).
Photo: MSD's Uncle Ghanpath Dhoni with wife Madhvi Devi. Photo: Mail Today
Photo: Long shot of MSD's ancestral village Lawali (Almora) in Uttarakhand. Photo: Mail Today 
Photo: MSD in middle with cousin (sister) Uma in Ranchi 2006. Photo courtesy: Dhoni family 

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