Dehradun, September 4
Chairman of the Uttarakhand Revenue Board Subhash Kumar has said that his regular instructions to the Regional Commissioners and the District Magistrates to hold review meetings and redress pending revenue cases have yielded results as the number of pending cases has considerably gone down between April and July.
He said there were 41 such cases that were pending for the past more than 15 years mainly in the courts of the Commissioner, Garhwal region, the Additional Commissioner, Garhwal region, and the Additional Commissioner, Kumaon region.
As many as 627 cases were pending since 9 to 15 years and 5,000 cases were pending since 3 to 9 years in different courts, he said.
Kumar said he had directed the Commissioners and the District Magistrates to redress all cases pending for more than 3 years, which is about 5,500, by all means, by December 31. They had been asked to resolve 11,000 cases pending since 3 years by December 31 , 2013.
He said he was personally reviewing pending cases every month and keeping track of the progress. During the annual entries, it would be taken into consideration that what was the status of pending cases in the particular court of bench officers.
In all, 40,000 revenue cases were pending as yet, he said.

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