Dehradun, September 12
District Election Officer/ District Magistrate Ravinath Raman, in a meeting held in the wake of the Tehri Lok Sabha byelection today, said the candidates contesting in the elections could spend at the most Rs 40 lakh.
He said it would be necessary for the candidates to give their account numbers while filing nomination forms.
The candidates would be allowed to withdraw Rs 20,000 at one time and, more than that through cheques only.
The candidates would have to furnish the details of the expenditure to the District Election Officer. The expenditure details would be put up at the notice board as well.
He said a liquor monitoring team had been constituted to monitor that liquor or money was not used by the candidates to allure the voters. Chief Development Officer/ Election Expenditure Officer Sushil Kumar said expenditure observers, flying squads, surveillance team and a Media Certification and Monitoring Committee had been formed to ensure the smooth conduct of the election. He said the information provided by these bodies would be given to the District Election Officer and State Election Commission.

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