Dehradun, September 16
With the prompt action of the Kotwali police station, the probability of extortion and murder at three places in Dehradun district could be nullified. The police arrested three culprits this afternoon in an encounter at Hydel colony, on the call given by Suresh Chander Sharma, a local hotelier, who alleged that some persons tried to kidnap him at Bindal Pul on Saturday night. The suspects, surrounded by the police at Hydel Colony, fired at the cops but were overpowered. The police has recovered two revolvers and catridges from them.
The miscreants are Sanjay Rawat, 26, resident of Uttarkashi, Sunil Kumar, 25, and Prem Singh, 23, both residents of village Gyong, district Kaithal, Haryana. Suresh Chander Sharma said the culprits first halted his car and tried to forcibly enter into it. On seeing a police patrol car passing by, they got down and fled. He then called the police at the number 100. He said one of the miscreants, Rawat, worked at his restaurant for three days. He was removed because he could not produce any
residence proof. He doubted him as he told Sharma that he was from Uttarkashi, but usually he talked in Haryanvi and Himachali accent on the phone.
He was also seen near PNB Bank a couple of days after being fired from the job. The suspects had come to kidnap Sharma for ransom. He had been jailed in the past for committing a murder in his village on a property issue.
The suspects had also planned to kidnap Johri Mamchand, a wealthy businessman of Vikasnagar, and MM Gupta, a cigarette distributor, at Saharanpur Chowk. Gupta said he never came across the convicts but still they knew everything about his residence and shop. He was terrified. He thanked the police for the swiftness shown in averting the crime.
The other culprits, Prem Singh and Sunil Kumar, who belonged to the same village, came in contact with Rawat when they worked in a factory at Selaqui.
Prem Singh said he came Dehradun on the invitation of Rawat to have good time in Mussoorie. He later helped him in a recce as he feared being killed by Rawat if he did not support him. Rawat also offered him Rs 5 lakh from the ransom money.
Sunil did not have any knowlwdge about the intention of Rawat and Prem Singh to commit a crime. Senior Superintendent of Police Neeru Garg said the police was gathering more information about the crimes committed by each of the culprits in the past.

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