Mussoorie, September 17
Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna today sought support for his son Saket Bahuguna, Congress candidate for the Tehri Lok Sabha byelection. The Chief Minister is on a whirlwind tour of Purola, Barkot and Nainabgh in Tehri district.
Former BJP legislator Rajkumar joined the Congress at Purola in the presence of a large gathering amid cheers today. At Nainbagh, BSP leader Mohan Nirala also joined the Congress at Nainbagh.
Saket, while addressing the gathering at Nainbagh, said his focus would be on the development of the youth of the constituency during the remaining 14 months of the present parliamentary tenure.
He said he would make efforts for preparing an action plan for the composite development of the Tehri parliamentary constituency during the next 14 months.
Saket said the people by voting in his favour would be taking forward his father’s legacy of development. He added if he was elected he would focus on providing education and health services to all.
Saket appealed to the people for votes and said construction of roads and providing health and education to the remotest corner of the Tehri constituency would be his top priority.
He said the allegation of the BJP that he was an outsider was baseless as its own candidate Raj Lakshmi herself had sought the Indian citizenship a few years ago. Therefore, it had no right to question his credentials.
Saket said he was committed to bringing the constituency on the tourism map and providing employment to the last man in the remotest village.
The Chief Minister solicited support for Saket and said the BJP rule had been marred by scams and lack of development. He assured the people that the he would ensure all round development of the region in all fields.
Vijay Bahuguna highlighted the achievements of his government and said he had approved proposals of Rs 250 crore for tourism in the constituency. The Tehri lake would become an important venue for water sports in the near future, thus increasing employment opportunities.
The Chief Minister appealed to all party workers to work in unison and strengthen the hands of the Congress in the constituency.

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