VHP calls upon saints to support Hindus in Assam 

Haridwar, September 20
International chief of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Ashok Singhal has called on Hindus, saints, religious organisations to come out in support of the Hindus being targeted in Assam.

Singhal is generating support for this cause by meeting saints, akhada chiefs, members of Hindu organisations so as to provide moral and financial help to the riot-hit Hindus in Assam.
While holding talks with Maha Nirmani Akhada and Nirmal Panchayati Akhada saints, VHP chief said Hindus were being targeted in Assam while the state government and the Centre seems to be taking no action to save the Hindus.
He said that Hindus were being killed and their houses were burned. They were being forced to leave their land, he added.
Urging saints to come forward in support of the victims of the Assam ethnic violence, Singhal said extremists were targeting Hindu families in Kokrajhar and other districts of Assam.
He accused the Congress of playing vote bank politics in Assam since the Independence. He said people of the Bangladeshi origin were still pouring in the state and said the government had failed to control it.
“It is high time we defeat the anti-Hindu and anti-nationalists forces or India will be on the brink of division. The country's border with Bangladesh should be sealed and the Centre should make sure the violence is stopped,” added Singhal.

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