Dehradun, October 9
To keep a check on the number of cases undertaken by Accredited Social Health Association (ASHA) workers, who are given incentives for encouraging institutional deliveries under the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY), the District Women’s Hospital has made it compulsory on part of beneficiaries to present the identity proof at the time of the payment of incentive money.

Under the JSY programme, both the mother and the ANMs are given honorarium in case the latter bring expectant mothers to hospital for undertaking deliveries. But of late, the District Women’s Hospital noticed that ASHA workers bring expectant mothers who were not even residents of their areas in order to increase the number of cases.
“The ASHA workers are allocated different areas under the JSY programme under which they have to bring expectant mothers residing in their mohallas for regular checkups during pregnancy and then ensure that the delivery is undertaken at the hospital. Of late, several cases were detected where ASHA workers had registered wrong addresses. During the payment of cash to the expectant mother, anomalies often surface as they give different addresses and not the one given by ASHA workers. Therefore, we made it compulsory to present identity proof during the time of payment of incentives,” said Dr Archana Srivastav, CMS, District Women’s Hospital.
The ASHA workers are issued identity cards by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the district.
Besides, the hospital has also begun computerising the records, therefore repeated requests for the change of address becomes difficult to adhere to.

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