Pithoragarh, October 19
BJP state chief Bishen Singh Chuphal said today that the nationwide agitation started by the party against corruption from October 17 would last till the resignation or ousting of the Congress government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the Centre.

Chuphal, who has started his party’s pre-announced programme at his constituency of Didihat, said the prices had gone up in the country due to corruption by Congress ministers.
Answering a question on the Vijay Bahuguna government’s performance in the past seven months, the BJP chief said the state government had not only failed to approve new development projects, but it had also demoralised the old works that were sanctioned by the BJP government. “It has resulted in the crisis of flow of currency in the interior areas of the state,” said the BJP chief.
He visited the interior parts of Jamtari, Chrandev and Pipli of his Assembly constituency that are situated at the Indo-Nepal border today. While addressing the people, he said inflation in the country was due to corruption in the country. “Even in the interior parts of the country, people are fed up with the Congress rule at the Centre,” he claimed.
The BJP chief assured the villagers that if the BJP returned to power in the next election, it would plead with the Supreme Court to leave the lower area of the Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary from the sanctuary laws on the ground that musk deer was found at the height of 9,000 ft and above.
He predicted that the Bahuguna government in the state would fall on its own. “We need not do much to push this government as it has already developed a tendency to lead towards its downfall.”

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