Pithoragarh, October 14
Civic amenities have been demanded for the emerging towns of Champawat district which have remained Gram Panchayats despite their growth. They are facing shortage of facilities as the gram panchayats have no resources to provide civic amenities to these growing towns.

"We have asked the district administration to provide civic amenities to these towns under the Backward Areas Grant Fund," said Khushal Singh Adhikari, vice-president of the State Cooperative Council.
According to Adhikari, the towns of Pati, Devidhura, Banbasa, Barakot, Bhingrara, Bardakhan, Pulhindola, Digalichaur and Amori and Mulakot in the district are growing rapidly as the villagers from nearby villages are shifting to these towns. But these towns lack civic amenities as the existing facilities are falling short of the growing needs of these towns.
"Some of these towns have become the subdivision headquarters but urban bodies could not be set up there due to lack of facilities like sanitation and water," said the state cooperative council vice-president.
The district planning body of Champawat does not seem in a hurry to provide facilities to these towns from any of budget head. "We have prepared the district plan for the coming year so we cannot include these proposals to this at this time, but from next year, we will consider these proposals under the required budget head," said JK Tiwari, Chief Development Officer (CDO) of Champawat district.

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