Dehradun, October 13
Accepting the verdict given by the people of the Tehri parliamentary constituency, the Congress has promised to work for their welfare in the future to win their confidence in the 2014 general election.

Addressing a press conference, President of the state unit of the party Yashpal Arya and party candidate Saket Bahuguna admitted the party's defeat.
Yashpal Arya said the party would look into all aspects of its defeat in the byelection.
When asked about poor performance by the Congress in the Assembly segments represented by it, he said all aspects, including any internal sabotage, would be analysed.
Saket said it was in Dehradun that led to the party's defeat in the byelection.
He said being a lawyer, he was unable to explain the policies and programmes of the party to Dehradun residents, who voted against the Congress.
He, however, denied that the policies of the Union Government, including the price hike and capping of LPG cylinders, led to his defeat. "No policy is bad, but we failed to explain it to the people," he added.
Saket announced that since he had now entered the politics, he would not run away. "People have rejected me this time. But during the next one and a half years, I will work hard to win their confidence for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections," he said.
Saket further said all efforts would be made to fulfil the promises made to the people of Tehri during the election.
He thanked the people of the hilly areas who voted for party took a massive lead.
Saket also congratulated Mala Raj Lakshmi Shah for her maiden victory.

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