Dehradun, October 20
Eminent cyber crime criminologist and adviser, cyber crime, Uttar Pradesh Police, Rakshit Tandon, today expressed concern over the increasing e-frauds in the country.
Addressing a workshop on cyber crime and law at Selaqui Institute of Engineering and Management here, Rakshit Tandon stressed the need to sensitise the society towards increasing cyber crimes, which he said was largely ignorant on these issues.
Tandon shared tips on how to be safe with social networking sites like Facebook and Youtube. He talked about increasing e-frauds and security issues and also shared the Internet guidelines. He also laid emphasis on the hacking activities on the Internet.
Earlier, Dr SP Gaur, Director, Selaqui Institute of Engineering and Management, welcomed Tandon to the school.


  1. Cybercrime is really a big issue nowadays. We can't resist the negative effects that technology brought to us nowadays.


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