Dehradun, October 9
Students of the Dolphin (PG) Institute of Biomedical and Natural Sciences, under the aegis of the National Service Scheme (NSS), have been assigned the responsibility of preparing a report (rural) related to the annual educational status-2012 of Dehradun by the Pratham, an NGO.

A group of 30 students were trained for two days for the same. These students surveyed different areas of Dehradun. The training programme was inaugurated by Arvind Gupta, Chairman of the Dolphin institute.
Addressing the students, he said despite 66 years of Independence, the educational status in the country was pathetic. Various means like the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, midday meals and free education were being adopted to encourage parents to send their wards to the schools. However, due to social, financial or administrative shortcomings, much success had not been achieved.
He said the institute had taken an initiative to encourage the needy and deserving students to continue their higher education. Many students from orphanages had also been adopted so that they could continue their studies. He appreciated the efforts of Pratham in this regard.
Representatives from the Prahtam, Priti Tyagi, Pradeep Rahtore, Vipul and Shivani Rathore, trained 30 students of the Dolphin Institute.
Priti Tyagi said this NGO had been engaged for more than 20 years in finding ways to improve the education system and bring about relevant changes in the curriculum.
Programme officer of the NSS of the institute Gyanendra Awasthi said in the initial phase, 30 students had been sent to 15 villages of Dehradun on October 6 and 7 to know the educational status of the areas concerned.

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