Pithoragarh, October 29
A day after the claims of killing of man-eater leopard in Almora by the Forest Department, one more person, an ex-Army man, was killed by a leopard at Thal town of this district last night.

“The body of Gopal Singh Gurung (55), an ex-Army person, had been spotted from a jungle near his village Gairgaon last night by his relatives after they were searching him as he had been missing,” said Gopal Dutt Joshi, revenue sub-inspector of the area.
“The body, which had been eaten almost fully, had the signs of leopard nails, confirming the death by leopard attack", said the revenue sub-inspector.
According to residents, this is the 10th such incident in the area in the last 6 months as the man-eater leopards have regularly preying on human flesh.
“Out of these incidents, six took place at the villages near Thal town, rest of these happened at its surrounding areas,” said Rajendra Singh Bora, Gram Pradhan of the village.
Sharpshooters honoured
PITHORAGARH: The two sharpshooters who killed the man-eating leopard in Lamgara in Almora district were honoured by the Vyapar Mandal and Jagruk Nagrik Adhikar Manch, Almora.
They also declared the area free of man-eaters as two of them have been killed and one has been caged by the team.
“The leopard spotted with the man-eater that we killed does not appear a man-eater as it is young and all its teeth are intact,” said Lakhpat Singh, the sharpshooter deputed by the Forest Department to kill the leopard.
Animal lovers and campaigners of the Save the Tiger campaign blamed the Forest Department for killing the leopard.
“The killed leopard was of 16 years of age. Its lower canines and two nails of the right paw have been broken due to which it was unable to hunt wild animals.
The leopards had so far attacked attacking women and children,” said Lakhpat Singh.

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