Mala Raj Lakshmi Shah
Dehradun, October 14
Referred to as Maharani by most of the BJP party workers and people of Narendernagar, the erstwhile capital of the Panwar dynasty that ruled Tehri Garhwal, Mala Raj Lakshmi Shah managed to weave her magic over the voters, despite her rivals questioning her capabilities.

Mala Raj Lakshmi Shah was at pains to shed the legacy of her royal family and mingle with the crowds.
“I have been socially very active, taking interest in the social work started by my father-in-law late Manvendra Shah, but politics is new to me and I will try to make the best of my tenure,” said Shah.
Her only daughter Ksheerja, too, was happy with the victory of her mother and regretted that she could not take part in campaigning for her mother due to her delivery. “I want that my mother gets the much needed rest before she embarks on a full-fledged career in Delhi,” she said.
As a treat for her mother, Ksheerja would be cooking for her today and a special chicken recipe would be on the menu. “My mother is not fussy at all and eats whatever I cook. Though she is a very good cook herself,” said Ksheerja.
Mala Raj Lakshmi Shah’s husband Manujendra Shah said his wife managed to reach out to the people. “I think it was her dignity and readiness to listen to the people that helped us in the election,” he said.
On his part, he said he was more than happy to play second fiddle to his wife.

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