Dehradun, October 5
Despite giving word to the Congress, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is not canvassing for the Congress for the Tehri Lok Sabha bypoll.

A sombre mood is prevailing among the BSP members who are feeling let down by the decision of party supremo Mayawati not to fight Tehri Lok Sabha byelection.
Dehradun general secretary, BSP, Sahib Singh, said the entire state
was reeling under the frenzy of election, whereas BSP workers sat quietly and sadly on one side. "BSP members, too, wanted to fight and show their strength in the electoral arena.
" On the issue of canvassing, he said: " Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna talked to party chief Mayawati for support in canvassing for which she had agreed. The party, however, made it clear to the Congress that it would campaign for it on the condition of travelling in its own vehicles, with their party flags and symbol, and not of the Congress."
But canvassing by the BSP is seen nowhere in sight. State BSP president Meghraj Singh Jaraware tried to evade the question, saying the party could not show up with a cavalcade and members due to enforcement of the model code of conduct, a reason which does not hold ground.
The vigorous canvassing by other involved political parties is going on at a feverish pitch. Singh clarified: " The canvassing by the BSP is almost nil due to inertia among members and above that, the Congress, too, did not make any fervent pleas
to the BSP to campaign for it. So the BSP did not feel the need to take any initiative on its own." He emphasised that canvassing by the BSP could make a world of difference for the Congress.
"The way Congress won Sitarganj, a bastion of the BSP, was all due to BSP's unequivocal support to it. Similarly, it can't win Tehri Lok Sabha seat as well if we field our candidate there." He also expressed concern, saying: "By deciding not to fight Tehri byelection, we have become worried about losing our voters. It was with great efforts that we had wooed them from the Congress, but they may slip away to the party with this election."

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