Dehradun, October 22
The city where an amount worth crores of rupees remains at stake in securing advertisement rights, be it on hoardings or bus-stops, through tenders in which the Dehradun Municipal Corporation (DMC) also earns a significant revenue, the DMC is being ignored in the matter of police traffic booths which are set up in the centre of crossings.
The advertisers are earning huge profits by putting up advertisements on these by spending little on their maintenance. There is neither public notice, nor tender process, but mere discretion of the SSP is sufficient to give advertisement rights to any company.
A visibly angry Mayor Vinod Chamoli said the Police Department had no right to give contract of advertisements on police traffic booths as the issue came within the purview of the DMC.
He said, “I brought this issue before then SSP Abhinav Kumar but he told me not to meddle in this affairs otherwise the Police Department would not support us in providing security to our campaigns etc. Similarly, the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority has also permitted a company to put its advertisements on the premises of bus-stand. Even on the
premises of railway stations, the rules are openly being flouted in this regard. The hoardings of ministers and Chief Ministers are installed without seeking permission or paying anything to the DMC.”
He said unless the state government did not take any corrective action on this issue, the DMC could not afford to squabble with other government department to protect its interest. The corporation was losing enormous revenue in this manner.
BJP leader Vinay Goyal, who actively vies for hoarding advertisement rights, showed keenness to compete for traffic booths as well. He said, “It is through an RTI application I came to know that an outside company had been holding advertisement rights on police traffic booths in the city for over 25 years. Now after his contract came to an end this year, a couple of other companies from other states have been given contract without setting any time limit. By just spending Rs 20,000-25000 over construction of a booth and later meager amount on its maintenance, companies are making money through advertisements on the police traffic booths.”
He said the companies were not paying electricity bills of the booths and thus causing losses to the power department in the process.
SSP Neeru Garg expressed ignorance about the whole matter saying she would consult the state government over the issue. She said the traffic police only required a proper booth with bare minimum facilities of shade and a room to rest with light and fan for the traffic personnel.
SP Traffic Ajay Joshi said the matter of police traffic booths used by advertisement companies had become very important over the years. He admitted that the issue could no longer be taken lightly.

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