Dehradun, October 29
The stall of “Prerna” souvenir shop run by a self-help group and the New Forest Ladies Club was put up during the 24th session of the International Poplar Commission being held at the Forest Research Institute here today.

Representatives from the participatory foreign countries also visited the Prerna stall and made purchases. They appreciated the efforts being done to uplift the livelihood of forest tribals and self-help groups.
The items like wooden jewellery, articles made from bamboo, bhimal, basket, Tharu tribes cards made from by tribals and artisans and SHGs from Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Odisha and Assam from the forest raw material were on display.
The souvenir shop is an endeavour between the forest industry and forest tribal groups and SHGs. It offers platform for the handicrafts of these groups and promoting their livelihood. The stall was visited by farmers and people attending the IPC session. 

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