Pithoragarh, October 14
The 75-km road being constructed to connect the Lipulekh Pass, the last post on the Indo-China border, will be open to traffic by 2015, according to Pithoragarh District Magistrate CMS Bisht, who returned from a visit to the Gunji post yesterday.

According to the District Magistrate, BRO engineers have completed a portion of 6 km towards Ghatiabagar from Gunji, also a portion of 3 km starting from Ghatiabagar to Gunji but the work on the hard road portion is taking much time of the agency.
"Despite these obstacles, the BRO is in a position to prepare 6 metre-wide road for plying of vehicles by 2015 though the widening of planned road of 12 metres will take time," said the District Magistrate.
Quoting BRO engineers' explanation during his briefing with them, the District Magistrate said due to the rains and mist for 25 days, the road making agency could not continue its work as oil supply for the equipment, which is carried through helicopters, could not be done.
"As the supply of oil by helicopters has been resumed after clearing the mist, the work on the road has gaining speed," said the DM.
The BRO has now put two helicopters on supply sortie to Gunji from Pithoragarh and there are hopes now that besides Ghatiabagar to the Lipulekh road, the construction of road will also get pace," said the DM.

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