Dehradun, October 28
The Samajwadi Party (SP) has started wooing veteran Congress leader and former Uttarakhand Chief Minister ND Tiwari after he gave vent to his feeling of neglect by his own party on his 88th birthday last week. Tiwari had been Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh twice.

The SP had been trying hard to win over Tiwari with an aim to consolidate its vote share among Brahmins of Uttar Pradesh in the run up to the crucial general elections of 2014.
It all started with SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav praising Tiwari and inviting him to come to Lucknow and live there. He announced that the state government would fully take care of the medical needs of the veteran politician. He also eulogised the role played by Tiwari in the development of Uttar Pradesh.
On the other hand, Tiwari in a statement on his 88th birthday expressed his disappointment at neglect by the Congress. Interestingly, Tiwari after he was caught in a sex scandal in 2010 when he was Governor of Andhra Pradesh had become a persona non grata for the Congress. After his falling from grace, most of the Congress leaders have maintained a distance from him.
Tiwari said he had been made a victim of a conspiracy by his own people and his party had failed to investigate. There was even talk of giving him an overdose of sleeping pills in the past.
Mulayam, who had been looking for a senior Brahmin face following the demise of Janeshwar Mishra, had started making overtures to Tiwari. After his statement inviting Tiwari to Lucknow, the SP supremo sent a delegation of four senior party leaders to call upon the Congress leader at his residence in Dehradun. He was presented with a CD of Mulayam’s speech made in his honour last week.
Yesterday, Sharda Prasad Shukla, a senior SP legislator, called upon Tiwari and urged him to come to Lucknow to give his advice to the Uttar Pradesh government.
He also eulogised the role played by Tiwari as a politician and as an able administrator at the state and national levels. Shukla also recalled Tiwari’s long association with socialism.
Interestingly, Tiwari started his political career as a legislator of the Praja Socialist Party in 1952. He was associated with the socialist movement till 1963 when he joined the Congress.
According to political observers, a shrewd Mulayam, who always had a soft spot for Tiwari, could use the latter’s clout and image among the Brahmin community of Uttar Pradesh in the coming Lok Sabha poll in case he decides to shift loyalty.
However, SN Sacchan, Uttarakhand president of the SP, denied that there was any such move. “He is a senior politician and Mulayam Singh Yadav has the highest regard for him. The Congress has no culture to honour its seniors but Mulayam Singh has offered to look after Tiwari if he decides to shift to Lucknow,” he added.


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