Haridwar, October 14

Serious efforts need to be taken to bring students back to mathematics as it has been noticed that students are not opting for mathematics despite India being home to some great mathematicians.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Harish Rawat stated this at the concluding session of the six-day Scientific Computing Theory and Practice Workshop here today.
The workshop at the engineering and technology auditorium of Gurukul Kangri University saw more than 100 delegates from across the country dwelling on the ways to rejuvenate the loss of interest among the younger generation towards mathematics as a subject.
Emphasising that not only in maths but students are also detracting from other science subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology, Harish Rawat said if this continued, then it would have severe impact on the research work being done in these fields.
“This will hamper the research work, growth of the subjects eventually having an impact on scientific innovations, technology and higher advanced research conclusions,” said Rawat.
Citing specific budget allocation being done by the Central Government for research works, the minister called on students to think seriously about science as career subjects as it's not only good for job but also quality and contribution one can do to society, the country and the world via studying of science subjects.
Vice-Chancellor of Gurukul Kangri University Swatantra Kumar said the century-old Gurukul had been specifically focusing on moral education and had been laying stress on mathematics and other science subjects.
He added that India’s own Vedic maths was being taught in Gurukul University which was the need of the society as students were diverting both from moral values and mathematics.
Professor RD Sharma, keynote speaker, said: “Students want new information, new calculative, interesting and interactive teaching methodology. Usage of modern tools like calculators, computers and mobiles have lessened one’s own calculating techniques of the mind”.
Prof RD Kaushik of the engineering department, Gurukul Kangri University, said without maths, science lacked base and even social subjects lack factual, figure-based analysis. Without maths no number related calculation or data-tabular work couldn be done so it’s imperative that students from primarly education till higher education had the knowledge of mathematics.
Kumaon University Professor Mahesh Joshi, Ambuj Sharma, Prabhat Sengar, SL Singh, Mayank Aggarwal, Praveen Pandey, Lokesh Joshi, Dharmendra Baliyan, OP Chauhan, Telu Ram, Ram Vishal, Rao Affaq among others were present at the concluding session.
Coordinator of the workshop Dr Vivek Goyal thanked the delegates assuring them that an extensive report on the workshop would be soon sent to the government.

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