Pithoragarh, September 30
The Uttar Pradesh government has agreed to share the cost of construction of the Jamrani dam on the Gaula river near Kathgodam of Nainital district with the Uttarakhand government, Irrigation Department sources said.
“The final meeting with the UP government on sharing of the construction cost of the dam has been scheduled for November,” said DS Singh, chief engineer of the Irrigation Department, Haldwani.
According to DS Singh, the dam, which was proposed in 1965, if constructed, will irrigate not only a big chunk of land in the Kumaon Terai region but also a large acreage of land in parts of western UP. “As the distribution of water between UP and Uttarakhand has remained the main obstacle in the construction of the dam, the Irrigation Department has charted out a new system of water distribution among the two states,” said the chief engineer.
According to the new draft of the distribution of water from the dam, out of the total 144 million cubic metre capacity of water in the proposed dam, 52 cubic metre water will be given to Haldwani and out of the remaining 92 million cubic metre of water, 52 per cent will be given to UP and 48 per cent of water will remain with the Uttarakhand government.
“UP will be able to irrigate its 47,604 hectares of land in the western part while Uttarakhand will be able to irrigate 9,458 hectares in the Terai region,” said the chief engineer.
The proposed dam will be constructed on the Gaula river in the hill areas of Haldwani.

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