Dehradun, November 18
AFII Educational Foundation, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of AFII Corporate Advisers Pvt Ltd, under which they support deserving students for higher studies, including graduate and postgraduate programmes, yesterday announced the Best Oak Grovian Student of the Year Award 2011-12 at Oak Grove School at Mussoorie.

AFII Foundation has announced a prize of Rs. 100,000 for the winners. This year the foundation has decided to award Arushi Khatpal and Paurush Dube. Both of them will share the award.
Mahesh Gandhi, MD, AFII Corporate Advisers Pvt Ltd, Singapore, and Chairman, AFII Educational Foundation, said: “The award has been instituted to boost the morale of the students to improve their overall performance, enabling them to more effectively compete in their pursuit for higher studies in the fields of their interest. While the small contribution made by AFII will support their efforts, it will go a long way in enhancing the competitive environment in the school. The results for the year 2011- 2012 have been decided after a carefully-crafted selection process closely coordinated with the school management and faculty.

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