Dehradun, November 6

The Director of the Census Operation (Uttarakhand) will launch the biometrics-based scheme to compulsorily register all residents of the state under the National Population Register (NPR), paving way for the issuance of a national identity card in a year’s time. The exercise will be launched formally by first getting the biometric registration done of Governor Aziz Qureshi tomorrow after which the scheme will be launched from November 20 in all the enumeration blocks (EBs) of the state.

“The NPR project promises to link the Aadhaar UID to your identity as residents of India, end duplication and provide access to various government services and schemes through this unique ID,” said Snehlata Agarwal, Joint Registrar and Director, Census Operation (Uttarakhand).
Addressing a press conference today, Agarwal said the registration was mandatory and those citizens having Aadhar numbers would also have to register and fill the know your residence (KYR) form.
“Unlike the UID project launched by Aadhaar, the registration under the Home Ministry’s NPR of the Indian Citizens project for citizens above the age of five is mandatory. The citizens will have to fill the KYR form for the NPR delivered at home. After this, biometric capture, photograph, iris prints and fingerprints will be taken,” said Agarwal.
However, she said those citizens who have UIDS would be spared of the trouble of getting the biometric registration done. “Instead, they will have to come with Aadhaar (in case the cards have not been issued) to the camps and that information will be photocopied. When the national identity card will be issued to such persons, it will automatically contain the UID number along with the mandatory information for the NPR,” stated Agarwal.
She added that the NPR data was likely to be used for security applications while the Aadhaar ID could be used to access government services such as subsidies, opening bank accounts and issuing passports.
Explaining further, she said the NPR was not questioning the citizenship of people and any person who was residing in India for the past six months and had plans to reside for the next six months would be issued the national identity card.
Similarly, the data of the NPR will be passed on to Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to match information, prevent reduplication and issuance of multiple cards.
As the exercise is mandatory, camps will be held thrice so that no citizen is left out.
The biometric registration camps, where data entry will be made, will be held in association with three public sector undertakings, comprising of Electronics Corporation of India Ltd (ECIL), Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and ITI ltd.
Electronic Corporation of India Ltd has been assigned Dehradun, Tehri, Rudraprayag and Uttarkashi districts.

Tribune News Service, Dehradun Edition

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