SSP Kewal Khurana
For the first time after nearly a decade, residents of Dehradun has a better experience in the shape of management of traffic in the city. Since Dehradun has become the temporary capital of Uttarakhand in November 2000, the peaceful city had lost its tranquility due to increase in population, rapid urbanization and clogging of its few roads.

No state government did anything to mitigate the sufferings of the residents of the city who had to spent hours in the traffic jams. It was only in December 2011 during the fag-end of the tenure of the BJP government led by BC Khanduri that the plan to decongest Chakrata Road was executed. A separate shopping centre was built and the front portion of shops razed to the ground to broaden a portion of the road near the Clock Tower.
But after the initial euphoria, the administrative plan to decongest the busy Chakrata Road turned into failure as unimaginative administrative machinery, bowing to pressure from the shopkeepers lobby, kept on allowing them to not only encroach upon the proposed road and open their shops on their leftover spaces, but also allow many cuts in the road dividers to facilitate their businesses. Despite spending crores of rupees, the problem persisted.
But, it all changed with the appointment of one determined police officer before the festival of Divali.
Kewal Khurana, a young IPS officer was made the Senior Superintendent of Police who took upon himself to improve the traffic situation in the city during festival season. With a little imagination and the help of a few ropes, steel barricades and a few hundred policemen, Kewal Khurana could really improve the traffic scenario. During the entire festival season, there was no traffic jams or snarl ups in the main markets despite huge rush.
Kewal Khurana imposed strict one-way traffic on the busy roads and deployed his reserve policemen on all traffic intersections and busy markets. None was allowed to park vehicles on the roads by policemen as traffic flowed smoothly. More than a million strong population of Dehradun really had a sigh of relief due to the initiative of a single police officer.
However, the residents wonder that for how long this will continue and when politicians, under pressure from shopkeepers, start exerting pressure on him to relax the norms. Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna must have realized after the Tehri Lok Sabha byelection defeat of his son that it was the residents of Dehradun city which would be the deciding factor in any coming electoral battle and being the residents of the capital city, they deserve a better deal.

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