Mussoorie, November 6
BJP president of the Mussoorie region Roop Singh Kathait has been re-elected unanimously as the party president of the local unit in a meeting held at Radha Krishan Temple in Mussoorie today. The present executive body has been dissolved and the new executive body will be elected after consultations with the other members and party organisation in the near future.

The whole process was completed in the presence of election officials Urmila Sharma and Chaman Lal today. According to the election officials, five names had been received for the post of president, but during the course, consensus was reached at the name of existing president Roop Singh Kathait, who was declared president unanimously. The re-elected president, Roop Singh Kathait, speaking on the occasion thanked the party workers for their support and said he would work to increase the party base in Mussoorie.

Tribune News Service, Dehradun Edition

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