Dehradun, November 30
The three-day workshop, ‘Ayur Jagriti’, organised by The Art of Living, concluded here today. Over 100 people of all age groups attended the workshop.

Ayurvedic doctors, Dr Nisha and Dr Manikantan, a couple, who are also holistic living experts from The Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore, conducted the workshop.
The participants were made aware of their unique personality-type or what they call ‘prakriti’ in ayurveda. They were also given tips to detoxify the body and mind. Some highly beneficial therapeutic pranayamas and mudras were also learnt by the participants.
Nina Lall, one of the participants, said, “The workshop has given me an insight into how my body and mind work and what changes I need to make in my lifestyle to become healthier, both physically and mentally. I have also come to know that ayurveda is not just a disease-curing line of treatment but it is the science of holistic well being. If we follow the rules of aahar (food) and vyavhar (behaviour) as said in ayurveda, we can lead a totally disease-free and healthy life.”

Tribune News Service

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