Dehradun, December 29

The passing-out parade of the young Sappers of the Bengal Engineer Group and Centre was reviewed by Brig Dig Vijay Setia, Commandant, BEG, at Roorkee today.

A total of 180 Sappers passed out in the parade. It was witnessed by all ranks of Bengal Sappers posted in the Centre. Besides this, 300 students from Army Public Schools, Kendriya Vidyalayas and NCC Battalions were also invited to witness the parade.
Youths between the age group of 17 and 21 years are recruited and put through a rigorous training curriculum of two years wherein they are taught the basic skills of weapon handling, field craft and physical conditioning followed by training in field engineering skills. The recruits are also trained in respective trades before they become fully trained combatant soldiers of the Bengal Engineer Group. The passing-out parade marks the culmination of rigorous hard work and awakens the soldier to the responsibilities that lay ahead of them.
During the review of the parade, the Commandant felicitated the soldiers who had excelled in various fields of combat engineering. The Commandant addressed the parade and congratulated the Sappers.
The passing-out parade was followed by a series of cultural programmes by the school students. The students were made to visit Group Museum and various training area of the centre. Lecture on the officer entry scheme in the Indian Army was conducted and a motivational movie was also screened for the students at Hajipir Auditorium.
The Commandant mentioned, “The purpose for inviting the students on this occasion was to motivate the young students to join the Army. The aim was to showcase the life of a soldier and to make them aware of the devotion, dedication and sacrifice a soldier makes for his motherland."

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