Dehradun, December 29
Despite tall claims made by the government for giving top priority to road construction in the state, funds earmarked for the construction of roads continue to remain unused.

In the absence of forest clearance for 339 roads, amount sanctioned to the tune of Rs 497.35 crore has remained unused in the state from 2009 onwards.
In 2009-2010, road work on 207.16 km road amounting to Rs 74.67 crore to provide road facility to 73 villages could not take shape as the Uttarakhand Rural Road Development Agency had submitted false certificates, the Auditor General pointed out in its report.
Funds to the tune of Rs 229.16 crore against 142 works were found blocked due to the absence of proposals by the departments concerned.
Besides this, 34 proposals pertaining to road construction were passed in violation of the Forest Conservation Act 1980 and expenditure incurred there worth Rs 15.13 crore proved unfruitful.

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