Mussoorie, December 29
Tourists from Haryana beat up a traffic police constable when they were asked to park their vehicle in the parking lot and not on the road in Mussoorie today.

The police arrested the tourists and brought them to the police station for further action.
According to the police, five youths from Haryana on reaching the Library point in Mussoorie late evening were parking their Wagon R vehicle (HR BV 9979) illegally. When the police constable on duty, Pooran Singh Rana, stopped them from doing so, they got agitated, came out of the car and thrashed him.
The constable was rescued by his colleagues and the tourists were arrested. They were then brought to the police station.
The youths have been identified as Sunil Yadav, Pankaj Yadav, Arun Kumar, Vikas Kumar and Manoj Kumar.
The police has begun criminal proceedings against them.

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