Dehradun, Dec 29
The Uttarakhand People For Animals (PFA) has alleged large-scale irregularities in Corbett Tiger Reserve. Addressing a press conference here today, member secretary of PFA, Uttarakhand Chapter, Gauri Maulekhi, alleged large-scale administrative breakdown in the reserve.

Maulekhi alleged that park rangers were now managing the canteens. “There is no accounting, not even a system of bills, no license to serve food, no transparency and no standards maintained. This is a net loss to the park,” she said, adding that the Corbett earlier received a revenue of Rs 55 lakh per annum through tender for the canteens at the rest houses and now their had been a fall in the revenue also, as this arbitrary system of running canteens had engaged the rangers and its staff in a full-time money-making activity.
Further, she held that garbage disposal at the rest houses was absolutely appalling. “The park that claims to be running on eco-tourism guidelines has no means of segregation of garbage and the rubbish is dumped behind the canteens where monkeys and other animals are being introduced to the new diet of rotten processed food,” she stated. She said this had led to a shift in the behavior and diet of monkeys and had given a rise to conflicts. Maulekhi also alleged large-scale consumption of alcohol inside the Corbett and accused the park authorities of doing little to curb the menace.

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