Dehradun, December 29

A decision to hold a secret ballot among the shopkeepers of Paltan Bazaar was taken at a meeting on the issue of new traffic system in the market. State Congress chief and state Revenue Minister Yashpal Arya convened the meeting.

The shopkeepers of Paltan Bazaar, who are opposing the new traffic system imposed by the Dehradun police in the market, held the meeting on intervention of state Congress vice-president Suryakant Dhasmana.
Arya, who is also the minister in charge of Dehradun district, held a meeting with the representatives of the shopkeepers and Dehradun SSP Kewal Khurana. The shopkeepers opposed the system where no vehicle, including two wheelers, were allowed in Paltan Bazaar. Khurana pointed out that majority of the shopkeepers were in favour of the new system but representatives of the shopkeepers refuted his claim.
Arya suggested that shopkeepers should hold a poll among themselves to know how many shopkeepers, as claimed by the SSP, were in favour of the new system. The shopkeepers agreed to hold such a poll to resolve the issue.

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