Haridwar, January 15
A special function was held today at Hari Pur Kalan where saints remembered the contribution of revered saint Baba Amir Giri. Addressing a gathering of saints, Swami Vinod Maharaj emphasized on the ancient Indian tradition of Guru-Shishya in which respect and carrying forward the legacy of the teacher was given importance.

The maharaj said in the same manner, Baba Amir Giri imparted knowledge to his disciples, the same need to be followed by them too so that his teachings get spread manifold.
He cited Baba Amir Giri's disciple Mahant Vinod Giri's example who is taking forward the legacy of his guru by doing social-humanitarian-charity work.
Mahamandaleshwar Premanandji Maharaj said the saints life was for human welfare only. While Sadhvi Mata Chandra Kanta Saraswati said the Indian culture was resembled by saints and it's due to saints like Baba Amir Giri, who offered his life for social works that this culture got developed.
Pt Nyay Mitra Sharma of Bharat Mata temple said one good disciple paved way for many, so it's imperative that guru-shishya tradition needed to be followed ethically.
At the tribute function, among others present were Swami Madhvanand Giri, Mahant Bholapuri, Mahant Randhir Giri, Swami Narayanji Maharaj, Swami Hari Ballabh Shastri, Mahant Jamuna Giri.

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