Haridwar, February 18
With just a year to go for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Union Minister for Water Resources Harish Rawat has made it clear that he will be seeking second consecutive term from Haridwar constituency only.

Harish Rawat thanked the people of Haridwar for electing him despite hailing from Almora, pointing out that for the past four years he had been working for the development of this constituency earnestly.
Speaking on the sidelines of a party activists' function, the five-time parliamentarian said that he was first looking to the tri- level panchayat elections and simultaneously Lok Sabha elections.
"Without love of the people of Haridwar, I wouldn't have been the first Minister of State in multiple ministries and now Water Resources Minister. I owe a lot to them and have been on regular basis involved in this constituency. First, I am a parliamentarian of Haridwar, then Union Minister, with many development projects being carried out in the constituency, which was not the case previously," said Rawat.
Citing directives of newly appointed Congress national vice chief Rahul Gandhi, Rawat said that party workers needed to gear themselves for the stern test of Lok Sabha elections. We should not concentrate on our interests only, the party should be first. Working for poor, downtrodden and local people will pave way for the party's success, which every party worker should keep in mind," he added.
With both Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party gearing up quite early for Lok Sabha elections, Harish Rawat remarked that naming candidates early doesn't ensure victory as was seen in the last parliamentary elections.
"I was one of the last candidates to be named for Haridwar Lok Sabha, while others (SP-BSP candidates) were campaigning for almost 6 months earlier. But the end result was there for everyone to see. So it iss working for the public that matters more," commented Rawat.

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