Dehradun, March 10
As the election to the Dehradun Municipal Corporation has been postponed by at least five months, owing to the judgement delivered by the High Court where Census Directorate has to prepare the data of areas coming under election as per the census of 2012, and subsequent equal division of data among wards and the delimitation exercise, it will be interesting to see if the state government will still carry on with it's government order (GO) according to which big development projects worth around Rs 5 crore in DMC have been put on hold.

However, the small development projects are being cleared as the councillors too are in hurry to put up good performance before their voters prior to the election. In the wake of this, projects worth Rs 1 lakh were okayed this week. But all the big projects are stalled for the want of Budget provisions.
Mayor Vinod Chamoli said: “This kind of bullying attitude of the state government has been unprecedented where the government imposed a ban on development of big projects by holding back funds. This kind of action is understandable when the model code of conduct becomes effective prior to election. But the GO issued on restraining big projects much earlier to that smells of conspiracy to let DMC board down."
He said the rhetoric of bringing development in the state by the government was mere pretension. The move behind the GO was also meant not to let BJP take any credit before the public and avail it's benefit during election.
Leader of Opposition in DMC Ashok Verma did not agree with the Mayor and said: “The logic behind stalling mega proposals at this juncture is because of shortage of time. Even if the state government clears the projects and sanctions the funds, the projects can also not be completed till the election time. Moreover, there might be diverse opinion of the new working committee or DMC board on them. It is better to let the new team take charge in the DMC and then carry forward these projects as per their take on them.”
Replying to Chamoli on the sensitive issue of taking credit on development, he said the BJP failed in completing many development projects, be they the renovation of Gandhi Park, beautification of Clock Tower or the park around Ambedkar's statue. All of them were hanging in balance. The Mayor, too, fired back saying that Mukhya Nagar Adhikari and other bureaucrats in DMC who enjoyed the executive powers worked as puppets of Congress and did not let these projects see the light of the day deliberately. Amid the war of words on both sides, the development and welfare of public suffers in the end.

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