Haridwar, April 11
Public sector undertaking Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is venturing into defence sector in view of the growing competition in traditional power equipment market.

BHEL will be producing field guns for Indian Army, though already BHEL is manufacturing 76 mm guns for Indian Navy.
This was stated by Executive Director, Heavy Electricals Equipment Plant (HEEP), Virendra Pandhi, while divulging the Ranipur-Haridwar unit annual turnover details.
“Defence sector is the one which we are eyeing in the coming years as major investment and research area. Talks are on with Indian Government, Ministry of Defence and Army, as progress is made, we will inform the media in the coming days,” said Pandhi.
While Executive Director OSD Prakash Chand said that due to changing scenario in the power sector, increasing competition and tough market conditions in the coming years are quite challenging for BHEL's Haridwar unit.
''Yet ,we are confident that with our strategic initiatives, proper positioning of our products, work culture and innovation we will overcome these challenges.
''We are going to shift our focus on making our products more cost effective and resorting to aggressive marketing-advertising-pricing mode,'' said Chand.
On the last fiscal year turnover, Chand stated that it stands at Rs 6520 crore, which has surged by 20 per cent in comparision to previous financial year.
Tax before profit is also pegged at Rs 925 crore with 65 crore being earmarked for Research and Development only.
BHEL has also become the first company in India to indigenously manufacture super critical grade components and 5 steam turbine modules. Turbo generators of 660 MW Super Critical Thermal sets were successfully manufactured at HEEP for the first time, bringing BHEL into a select club of super critical set manufactures in the world.
''HEEP also has orders worth Rs 15,610 crore and it is quite a proud moment for us that this very year we got elevated to the Maha Ratna status from Nav Ratna,''said VS Narayana, Managing Director of Central Foundry Forge Plant (CFFP).
In the area of Intellectual property rights (IPRs), HEEP, Haridwar, has registered an all-time high 35 IPR applications, including 21 patent and 14 copyrights with the patent office, Govt. of India.
Pollution Control Research Institute (PCRI) of BHEL is also contributing in the area of Pollution Control & Environmental Studies in a big way. This year it has received orders from UPRVUNL, Maruti Suzuki, IOCL, Hero Honda, THDC etc for carrying out environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and monitoring studies.

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