Dehradun, July 26
District Magistrate BVRC Purushottam has directed Sub-Divisional Magistrates and Quarrying Officers to permit farmers to take out sand and road building material from their disaster-affected agriculture land near the riverbanks by September 30.

He said the agriculture fields, which were situated near the banks of the rivers, were inundated with sand, pebbles etc., due to the flash floods last month. Hence, they should be allowed to remove the material under the given norms.
The District Magistrate said in case the farmers were to make commercial use of the material quarried from their fields they should deposit the prescribed royalty and other taxes with the district administration. Officials of the Revenue Department and the SDMs of respective districts would conduct a joint inspection before allowing the farmers to make commercial use of the quarried material.
The farmers would quarry and accumulate the material and then apply for permission for its transportation. They would also give information in the application about the mode of transportation and the vehicle number and the JCB number. The officials of the department concerned would again inspect the area. The District Magistrate directed the officials that the process should not take more than 10 days. 

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