Pithoragarh, July 4
As the rescue operation has almost finished in the disaster-hit villages of Darma and Johar valleys of Pithoragarh district, the state government has given priority to giving relief material to every needy family in the district, Manoj Tiwari, parliamentary secretary in the Bahuguna Cabinet and deputy in charge of the district plan, said here today.

“As trucks loaded with ration for one month are to reach the district, we have given priority to the distribution of this material to the needy villagers of Darma and Johar valleys,” said Tiwari.
He said there were reports that relief material was distributed to the villages near road heads and the others who needed it were deprived. “We have instructed the district administration that whatever means they get -- by helicopters, mules, porters or any other means, they should ensure delivery of relief material to the victims," said Tiwari.
He said truckloads of relief material was likely to reach the district shortly. It included 15 kg of flour, 15 kg rice, 3 kg of sugar and 1 litre of kerosene for each affected family.

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