Chamoli, July 26
The famed Nanda Devi Jaat Yatra held after every 12 years in Uttarakhand will not be postponed in the wake of the recent tragedy. However, the district authorities have suggested keeping it at the local level this time saying they are not in a position to handle big crowds.

The Nanda Raj Jaat, known as the Kumbh of Uttarakhand, is slated to be held from August 29 to September 16. The 280 km and 19-day trek starts from Nauti village and reaches Homkund through Bedini Bugyal, Roopkund and the very difficult Gali pass.
“The yatra will be organised as per the schedule, though there was a proposal to postpone it. We spoke to the local people who want it to go on. It is a religious issue and local sentiments are attached with it. It was scheduled in 2012 but was postponed then due to Malmaas (one inauspicious month),” Rakesh Kunwar, president of the Nanda Raj Committee told PTI.
Thousands of pilgrims from across the world take part in the march. However, the district administration has warned that they are not in position to handle large gatherings hence the yatra should be held at the local level.
“It is difficult but the yatra will go on as of now. After the natural calamity and continuous rains and landslides, roads have been badly damaged. We cannot handle big crowds and even mini-vehicles won’t be allowed. We have suggested to allow only locals and fit people. For the first time, there will be a database of pilgrims,” said DM, Chamoli, SA Murugesan.

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