Dehradun, September 20
Dehradun Municipal Corporation administration has failed to complete the survey of new houses which are to be levied house tax this year.

In the meeting of the working committee, which took place more than a month ago, Mayor Vinod Chamoli has given directions to complete the survey before the meeting of the DMC Board so that tax could be levied on these houses. The board meeting is to be held next week. There are approximately 60,000 houses which had not been included in the ambit of the house tax so far.
Mayor Vinod Chamoli said: “The administration is paying no heed to the house tax survey work despite the fact that I paid so much stress on it to complete it before the board meeting so that we could proceed with the task of imposition of house tax and increase our revenue.”
He said DMC was earning around Rs 4.5 crore at present from house tax which could exponentially rise to Rs 9 crore if the new houses were also made to pay house tax. “Once the survey gets completed, then we have to ascertain a formula or criterion for the house tax, whether it has to be undertaken as per circle rate or other prevalent methods. This process too will consume significant time.” Anguished at the sluggish pace, he said the administration was locked in various inane conflicts and had to no time for the matters of urgency.
Mukhya Nagar Adhikari Ashok Kumar as usual blamed the shortage of staff in carrying out the survey work. He said he had adequate officials but not the staff to undertake such tedious task.The consultants of Project Implementation Unit who were pushed into this job were again made to focus on the ticklish issue of trenching ground which has got stuck in apex court.

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