They have not been paid for 3 months
Dehradun, September 20
Rajesh Kumar, Managing Director, Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN), said the GMVN employees, who had not received salaries for the last three months, would now get salaries next month. Thanks to the efforts made by GMVN to boost its business, they have begun getting success and thus revenue due to it.

Unfortunately, the state government did not pay heed to their requests to give financial package to the Nigam to be able to pay salaries to their 1,800 employees. Rajesh Kumar said, “We have begun getting online offers from tourists for travel packages. A couple of group of foreign tourists, too, came from New Zealand for hill destinations. Their trips went very well which will certainly spread good word for us and bring in more tourists from abroad.”
He said the travel agents from North India whom they contacted in Delhi were also proving quiet handy in fetching domestic tourists toward the state and busting the myth of the entire state being disaster prone.
He said, now their priority was to repair and renovate the damaged tourist rest houses. “We are preparing proposal for the renovation of damaged tourist rest houses, construction of which will be funded by Asian Development Bank alongwith World Bank. Once that part was taken care of, we will be able to provide good accommodation to the tourists.”
General Manager, HD Pandey, GMVN, said the idea of according accreditation to the travel agencies for LTC tours all across the country had been run away success in generating revenue for the Nigam.
Besides this, the corporation is also using its buses for special travel groups from Delhi for Corbett National Park.

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