Dehradun, September 20
By managing the BJP rally consisting of around 7,000 workers yesterday, the police has proved that mob management can be done without the use of baton.

The BJP staged a protest rally to gherao the Vidhan Sabha on the second day of the Assembly session. Surprisingly, for the first time the police was not carrying batons to manage a large crowd.
“It was decided a day ago that the police stationed at the first tier of barricading will not be carrying wooden batons to control the mob,” SP, City, Jadgish Chandra, told The Tribune.
“Another reason behind the step was that senior leaders of the BJP were participating in the rally and the police did not want to create a controversy by using force against them,” he added.
The police had put in place a three-tier barricading to control the protesters. At the first two levels, policemen were not carrying batons but were wearing helmets and chest guards. While at the third level of barricading, PAC personnel, water canon units and personnel laced with tear-gas shells were placed to control the rally in case it gets violent.
“The PAC was stationed at the third level and was equipped with batons and guns to fire tear-gas shells to control the crowd,” said Jagdish.
According to police officials, such a method cannot be used in every protest rally as one needs enough force to manage a large number of people without batons. The district police is happy that its experiment worked and is planning to use it in future as well. 

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