Mussoorie, November 20
Post retirement, lured by the charm of the grand old travel destination, Sachin Tendulkar, the Bharat Ratna awardee and ace cricketer, arrived to relax in Mussoorie around noon today. The legendary batsman, accompanied by wife Anjali, reached Rockeby Hotel owned by his close aide and friend Sanjay Narang around 12.45 pm and had a sip of coffee and some snacks for at least one hour.
He also waved to a few fans standing below on the road from the lawns of the hotel. Later, he walked on foot till the residence of Sanjay Narang, known as Bothwell, accompanied by Sanjay Narang and former wicketkeeper Sameer Dighe.
Sachin stayed away from the mediapersons and refused to comment about his visit. He only appealed to the media to leave him alone as he was on a private holiday in the town and will be here around Christmas. His two children, Sara and Arjun, were not seen with him as they were busy with their school education in Mumbai. The visit has created a buzz in the town as fans began trickling in the Landour cantonment area since morning.
Mohammad Navid and Mohd Aslam were elated when the legend cricketer waved back at them sitting in the luxury vehicle on his way to Rockeby Hotel. It is indeed a memorable day in their life that they could catch a glimpse of the ace cricketer who they have grown while watching him play cricket.
However, the craze of meeting and taking autographs, which was visible during his previous visits, was seen missing with the decrease in the number of fans waiting outside the residence and the hotel this year. Perhaps his retirement from cricket had made a difference.
For the Italian tourist, Marco who was on his way to a store to buy some cheese for his trek to Kedar Kanta, the arrival of Sachin Tendulkar was a non-event and showed his ignorance about the ace cricketer and the game of cricket. “Who Sachin?” said Marco when posed the question whether he had any idea about the icon of the cricket staying in the area. He further said that the Italians were crazy about football and not cricket.
“The International Cricket Council should try to popularise the game of cricket in Europe, too. Then only the craze for cricket will grow, especially among the Italians,” said Marco.
For Sachin Tendulkar this is his fourth visit to Mussoorie as his love for the good old charm of the “Queen of Hills” is well known. Sachin Tendulkar retired from cricket after playing his final and 200th Test last week against the West Indies. Sachin is the most successful batsman in international cricket with 15,921 runs in 200 Tests. Sachin will be spending most of his time relaxing at the house of his friend Sanjay Narang or taking a quite walk watching the panoramic view of the Himalayas, which is clearly visible at this time of the year.

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