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Ahead of the board exams, Doon school-goers are making a beeline for crash courses on different subjects to help them brush up the entire course before the D-day. About a month left for the boards, coaching centres and private tutors are having a gala time helping with the last minute preparations.

A majority of ICSE and ISC students have panic attacks months before the finals while sitting with the volumes of Shakespeare's work. Now they have resorted to mugging up Shakespearean classics at coaching classes.

Speaking to TOI, Nidhi Rastogi, an English teacher giving crash courses to both CBSE and ICSE board students said, "Normally the students don't give much time to English, it's only in the last days that they start preparing the subject. There is still time and we have long classes to make up for the lost time and those who have prepared well, it's a revision for them. ."

"It's usually the boarders who take these crash courses and many of my past students have joined the crash course for ISC Accounts. For sincere students, it's a revision and for those studying in the last days, it helps to aid them with new topics and understanding," said P Sharma from the 'Concept Educational Hub' 

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