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A fully automated multi-storey parking complex right in the heart of the city on perennially busy Rajpur road might sound just too good an idea to be believed but it would soon be a reality, say senior Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) officials. 

A detailed project report of a multi-storied parking facility has been prepared by MDDA for which land has been earmarked near Astley Hall. The project will benefit thousands of shoppers who are forced to park their cars on roads and are penalized by the traffic police. 

The parking lot will not have any human intervention and operate like Delhi/Mumbai international airport's parking space. The project, after getting a go-ahead from the state government, will be completed within 18 months as per the detailed project report (DPR). The ambitious project is a joint venture between MDDA and Dun Co-operative Store. 

MDDA officials have confirmed that this week a memorandum of understanding will be signed between both parties following which HUDCO will be approached for a loan and the state government for relaxation of bylaws. The ambitious project which is valued at Rs 46 crore will be funded by HUDCO. 

The multi-storied complex will have seven floors sufficient for those would come for shopping. Explaining the feature of the structure, the MDDA official said: "The building will have a semi-basement area for free parking for co-operative officials and movement of vehicles. The users will be given a card with a number and other details and the same card will be used to open an automatic gate and for paying parking charges while exiting the parking area." 

MDDA sources say the first and second floor, which are about 2,800 sq metre, will be given to Doon Co-operative Store in lieu of the land on which the complex will be constructed. 

The third, fourth and fifth floors will have MDDA's commercial shops rented out at marginal rates to local businessmen for setting up shops and offices. 

The sixth and seventh floor along with two basement floors will have equivalent car space for nearly 200 cars. 

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