To address the plight of officials posted in high altitudes, who are plagued by a lack of adequate winter gear and amenities, the forest department has asked the Centre to fund winter gear for its staff in higher reaches. 

The department has requested help for officials in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Govind Forest Division, Gangotri Wildlife Sanctuary, Nanda Devi Forest Division, Kedarnath Forest Division\ Bagheshwar Forest Division and Askot landscape in Pithoragarh Forest Division. 

Dhananjay Mohan, chief conservator of forests, told TOI, "Staff in high altitudes will be provided snow gear. This will include proper clothes, shoes, head gear, glasses and sleeping bags. The staff should also be able to pitch sleeping bags on patrolling nights. They will also be given dry food such as chocolates, dry fruit, biscuits and coffee." 

The departmet requested that they also be given satellite phones, binoculars and GPS sets. 

"Eleven teams of the Special Wildlife Protection Force, with one ex-army personal in each team, will be deputed in these areas to help patrol effectively during the winter," Mohan added. 

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