Dehradun: 20 July, 2015

Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Bhuvan Chandra Khanduri on Monday hit back at the Congress for holding BJP responsible for delimitation of assembly constituencies in the hill state to 70 and Lok Sabha seats to five saying delimitation was taken up when Congress was in power in the state and the process was finalised during UPA's tenure at the Centre.

"The statement given by Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress president Kishore Upadhyay regarding increase of Assembly and Parliamentary constituencies in the state is not only factually wrong, but appears to be deliberately motivated to mislead the people of Uttarakhand - hoping that some of the lies would stick," Khanduri said in a statement here.

Referring to news reports in this regard, he said it appears that Upadhayay is either "ignorant" of the actual procedure or is deliberately trying to spread false propaganda for political mileage.

"Uttarakhand came into being with installation of an interim government on November 8, 2000. Elections took place in Jan/Feb 2002. It was ruled by Congress government from 2002-2007 and there was a Congress-led government at the Centre from 2004-2014," the Pauri MP said.

Demarcation of Parliamentary and Vidhan Sabha Constituencies was taken up when the State was governed by Congress and finalization of Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha seats for Uttarakhand took place when the Government at the Centre was led by Congress.
"It is, therefore, amazing and amusing, that Upadhyay blames BJP-led government of Uttarakhand which came to power only in 2007 for the delimitation. Even at that time Congress was in the saddle at the Centre," Khanduri said.

Upadhyay had recently demanded increase of assembly constituencies in the hill state from the existing 70 to 101 and the number of Lok Sabha seats from five to eleven seats blaming the BJP government for the existing demarcation of seats in the state terming it as "unfair".
"Upadhyay should also know the entire decision with regard to the demarcation of Parliamentary and State Legislative seats are decided by the Centre and any change in this regard cannot be made by the State Government but by the Central Government alone.

"Therefore, trying to put the blame on BJP which was in power in Uttarakhand from 2007-2012 is not only incorrect but also amusingly lacks logic," Khanduri said.

Upadhyay is trying to spread a "false propaganda" for the coming Vidhan Sabha elections in the State due in 2017. He should realize that "such blatant and incorrect statements cannot fool" the people of Uttarakhand.

Such statements will further erode his own credibility in the public eye, he added.
Courtesy: News 18

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