Almora, July 21

Thousands of devotees from across the region thronged the Jagannath temple at Jageshwar Dham in Almora district on the first Monday of the month of “Shravan” here yesterday.
Jageshwar has over 250 small temples devoted to Lord Shiva which were constructed in the 7th century by Katyur kings of the region. The Shrawani mela was inaugurated on July 16 by local MLA and Speaker of the state Assembly Govind Singh Kunjwal.
“Devotees offer water to Lord Shiva on the first Monday of the Shravan Mass. It is believed that Lord Shiva is pleased when water is poured on his body which became unbearably hot after he consumed poison to save the earth from destruction,” said Ramesh Bhatt, a priest of Jageshwar Dham.
The priest cited old scriptures of ‘Shivpuran,’ which says that of all deities, Lord Shiva is the most powerful.
Devotee also thronged the Baleswar temple in Champawat district on the occasion of first Monday of the holy month of Shravan.
Courtesy: The Tribune

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