Dehradun, July 16, 2015

The Dehradun Municipal Corporation (DMC) has failed to successfully implement its the Swach Doon, Harit Doon campaign due to lack of wherewithal. Heaps of garbage can be seen littered all over the city, bringing a bad name to the Doon Valley.
According to records, the DMC has only 1,387 sanitary workers, 38 vehicles and 223 dustbins to dispose of more than 200 tonnes of solid waste generated in Dehradun every day. The severity of the problem can be understood from the fact that sanitary workers are collecting garbage from some localities after two or three days. As many as 50 dustbins are lying unused at the DMC workshop, while six vehicles are not being used for want of repairs.
The sanitary condition in the city had improved when the work was given to Doon Valley Waste Management (DVWM) under the solid waste management project of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission a few years ago. But after spending crores of rupees the project fizzled out due to a tussle between officials of the DMC and the DVWM. Later the DMC took up the responsibility of lifting garbage but had been unsuccessful so far.
The sanitary conditions further deteriorated due to a clash between sanitary workers and DMC officials on money collection and wages. The DMC officials say that they have ordered purchase of new equipment for garbage collection, while sanitary workers are angry that they have not been consulted about their requirements.
"Garbage collection is suffering due to lack of resources with the DMC. We have placed orders for the purchase of new equipment. We are trying to get vehicles back in the working condition. Soon, the situation will be under control and sanitary conditions will improve" Vinod Chamoli, mayor
"The DMC does not have sufficient equipment and staff to lift garbage from the city. To improve sanitary conditions in the city, it will have to acquire proper vehicles and manpower" Sharad Rastogi, president of the Sanitary Worker Association

Courtesy: The Tribune

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