Dehradun, July 21

The government has approved a scientific master plan for the development of Kedarnath shrine. The Rudraprayag District Magistrate Raghav Langer has confirmed that the government has completed the land acquisition process for the development of a 50 feet wide approach path to the temple and also a 30 feet clear landscape on both sides of the temple platform, thus paving the way for the Kedarnath master plan.

After a series of negotiations between the district administration, public representatives and teerth purohit families who own the land in Kedarpuri and have built lodges and dharamshalas on it. The state government has finally accepted the proposal submitted by the Rudraprayag district administration regarding resettlement and rehabilitation of teerth purohits in Kedarpuri and the master plan.

Raghav in a press note has said the state government and the stakeholders, including 327 families, have signed 85 agreements to acquire land to develop a 50 feet wide approach path to temple (300 metre long starting from the bailey bridge over the Saraswati river up to the temple) and 30 feet clear land on both sides of the 70 feet wide temple platform. A total compensation of Rs 17.50 crore was paid to the affected families.

In this acquisition process, 4560.03 square metre of private land has been acquired and an equivalent prime government land elsewhere in Kedarpuri has been allotted to the stakeholders for their resettlement and rehabilitation. About 32 buildings and standing structures have been demolished and compensation has been paid for 53 structures that were washed away. The government will build houses on 6281.52 square metre of covered area from its own resources in the coming months to resettle the 327 displaced families of Kedarpuri.

The designs of the new buildings to be constructed will be first discussed with the stakeholders to take their approval. But all new constructions will be according to the Regulation of Building Operation (RBO) Act and every building layout plan will have to be approved by the SDM office, Ukimath.

“It was a herculean task to bring the Kedarnath teerth purohits to the negotiating table and to address their various counter opinions, beliefs, myths and anxieties. It took several meetings, countless hours of negotiations and a series of confidence-building measures spread over almost two years to win their trust.
Courtesy: The Tribune

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