Dehradun: 25 July, 2015

The Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre(DMMC), Dehradun, had identified more than 3,500 buildings here especially in Landour Bazar in dilapidated condition and unsafe for living. It had also recommended reconstruction or retrofitting to avoid any risk of lives and damage to the property but no action has been initiated so far much to the ire of residents.

Incessant rains have once again instilled fear among the residents living in such buildings especially in Landour Bazar where around 600 buildings are on the verge of collapse and are awaiting for the disaster to strike at any moment if the heavy rains continue in the town.

The Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA), had agreed in principle to relax the guidelines, thus paving the way for reconstruction of more than 600 dilapidated buildings situated at Landour Bazar. MDDA officials said most of the residents living in these buildings were tenents from the lower strata. No reconstruction work could be taken up baring for few individuals.

Owners of these building are not keen to reconstruct the buildings due to the presence of these tenants thus aggravating the situation, added the officials.

However, the affected residents have refuted the claims and said the MDDA was creating hurdles in the reconstruction of their buildings.

The Mussoorie Municipal Council on the other hand has served notices to vacate the dilapidated buildings, but no one has complied the decision leaving the MC officials in quandary.

The residents have demanded intervention of the Chief Minister in the matter or the chances of them being buried in the debris of the dilapidated buildings could not be ruled out considering the heavy rains lashing the region.
Courtesy: The Tribune

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